Voice with Deena Kamm

Voice is the part of us that communicates who we are, what we want, and why we exist in the world around us. It’s an intrinsic tool that allows us to be expressive, be heard, be understood, and be seen.

“Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend’s forehead.” Chinese Proverb

Deena Kamm is an executive voice coach with a career as a singer, songwriter, musician, and voice over artist spanning over 25 years in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. After leaving LA over a decade ago, and moving to Bend, Oregon, she refocused her entertainment experience and dedicated herself to empowering people everywhere to access, embody, and lift their voices both independently and within their community.

Deena is the founder and director of VOICE UP, where she works with regular folks, community leaders and corporate VIPs to develop a strong connection to their physical voice and tap into the power of self-expression through clear, confident communication.

Another passion of Deena’s is her signature singing event, “Public (ROCK) Choir” where she brings people of all walks of life together with an in-house rock band that unifies the room through fun music and the amazing science of sound.

Deena’s mission is to create a world where everyone has the knowledge, courage and societal permission to tap back into the unrestrained voices that we are all born with.

​Favorite snacks include pretzels and cream cheese.

You can find Deena Kamm on the following platforms.

Voice Up




Music-“Homesick” Copyright 2018. Written by Shireen Amini. Produced by Shireen Amini and Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recording (Boston, MA)

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