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According to a recent survey from Bamboo HR, 76% of new employees agree that in order to get up to speed quickly and start being a contributing employee – they need on-the job training. 37% of staff requested a mentor to keep them at a company longer. Employees have spoken and they want hands on training accompanied by a coach for them to be loyal employees! If employees don’t get the training they need, it can affect productivity, decline in sales, pressure on other employees leading to morale challenges and depending on the position, it can cost as much as $30,000 due to turnover.

Spark Your Mindset offers onsite presentations as well as webcast presentations for a variety of hospitality clients throughout the United States.  Many businesses have a need for training yet are not in a position to have someone on staff full-time and other businesses are looking for a different voice to bring fresh concepts to the team.

I offer customized training solutions for you from the following topics:

NEW Presentations Topics

TIGERS Company Culture Survey

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

To create a relationship building culture, it is important to get a real pulse of your company culture first. I use an assessment based on TIGERS (Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk and Success)​ Leadership model by Dianne Crampton.

Once there is an understanding of culture needs, I outline an educational/coaching plan for the year on how leadership members can coach their employees in the different areas, accompanied by weekly 15-minute micro trainings through TIGERS. The assessment is then administered again after six to eight months to see the progress.

Resilience Sprinkled with Self Care

Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes

Resilience is a key strategy that helps employees tackle stress, a competitive job market, workplace conflicts, and address challenges on the job. Improving resilience is important because employees identify work as the number one stressor in their lives. In this interactive session, I will teach your employees how to manage stress effectively with resilience training and self-care practices.

Trauma-informed Workplaces

Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes

Most businesses have a crisis plan designed to help manage any number of difficulties that could negatively impact their employees, customers, and the communities they serve. But how many are prepared for the psychological and emotional aftermath when tragedy strikes?

You should have a plan to help support your employees as you work to restore health and well-being to your workplace. With the recurring complex trauma of social injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic, I provide information on how to implement a trauma-informed approach to help your workforce feel safe, supported, and empowered.

Strengths and Personality Assessments

CliftonStrengths Assessment and Team Building

Estimated Time: 120 minutes

An interactive team building experience where all employees learn their top five strengths. The team members will be mapped out and show the categories (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking) each person falls into. The concept is that we focus more on our strengths to be the best company contributor we can be.

Sales Profile Assessment and Team Building

Estimated Time: 150 minutes

This presentation is an interactive team building experience where all employees review together as a team their sales assessment report. The DiSC (Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Compliant) sales profiles are also intertwined and reviewed with the team, outlining how to communicate with different behavior types. The team will learn their sales strengths and areas of opportunity as well as how to be more effective at their sales jobs through this team building experience.

People Skills

Email Etiquette and Texting in a Technology World

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Specifically, for employees who spend a high percentage of their time selling over email. Your employees will learn how to draft a professional email and learn phrases that convey empathy. They will understand the importance of bringing in a warm tone to emails and how to build trust with the customer through email techniques, as well as relationship-building in texting communication. Closing with when it is time to pick up the phone and 15 email etiquette rules.

Building Relationships with a Hospitality Mindset

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Designed for employees who have internal and external customer contact where it is discussed how to serve the needs of each customer. Your employees will learn about internal customers and external customers, what relationship-building looks like, and how to bring in empathy, as well as immediately connecting with anyone.

Creating Buyers by Empowering

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Sales can come across as pushy when buyers aren’t listened to or empowered with options. When you empower buyers, relationship building happens along with loyal customers. Your employees will learn about strong, open-ended questions, consumer elements of value, the difference between features and benefits, as well as ways to make the customer right.

Practicing Conflict Transformation

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

By creatively navigating the conversational landscape of differences and disagreements, we can create something new. This theory is based on creating a deeper understanding and requires perspective-taking. In turn, creating a solid connection with customers who then become loyal. Your employees will understand why dehumanizing customers during conflict is unhealthy, how to have a deeper understanding of customer issues, and why it is essential to bridge the gap between the right and left brain with emotionally charged customers.

Friendly Upselling

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Data shows that existing customers are likely to spend 30% more with your company. To successfully upsell we must have trust in place and understand what is important to the customer. Your employees will learn how to build trust, understand how to find out what is important to the customer, and steps for upselling, as well as the different forms of customer elements.

Winning with Difficult Customers

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

There isn’t an exact script for working with difficult customer interactions; however, there are tools that once learned, can be drawn upon to consider using in difficult customer interactions. Your employees will learn how to communicate with challenging customers, techniques for the recovery process, and how to manage the stress of challenging situations.

Overcoming Customer Challenges

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

In the service industry, there are often many guidelines. It is all about how you present those guidelines, whether it is pricing, minimum stay requirements, pet stay guidelines, etc. Your employees will learn how to strategically overcome price challenges with value building, understand the importance of giving options, react confidently with negative feedback, and steer conversations.

Is it Empathy or Compassion?

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Outstanding service requires a high level of compassion and empathy to work with different personality types. These are traits that don’t always come naturally and should be practiced daily. Your employees will learn what compassion and empathy look and sound like, why empathizing before educating in challenging customer situations is essential, and how service providers are reacting if they are not practicing empathy and compassion.

Sales Lead Management and Follow up

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Digging into what really is a lead and how to get the information you need. Your employees will learn how and when to ask for the reservation, followed by the next steps when customers aren’t ready to commit.

Workplace Culture

Mission Statement and Values

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

An interactive team-building experience where all employees are involved in learning what the company mission statement and values are in detail. Team members will describe what it looks like as employees to demonstrate the mission statement and values during everyday interactions with internal and external customers. This presentation is also offered as a team-building experience where the values are built with the team.

How to Build Trust in a Distrusting World

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. In our current day, we are operating from fear more than trust so when working with internal and external customers we must focus on building trust. Your employees will learn the foundations of trust, why trust is the base of all relationships, and how to make customers feel like they belong.

Self-Care in an Industry of Service

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

The service industry can be very demanding with the work hours required as well as working with many different personality styles and always striving to please. Your employees will learn about healthy boundaries, the importance of self-love, and techniques for self-care and managing stress.

"If you are looking for an inspiring, open-minded, kind-hearted, thoughtful coach for your team, Ali is your girl. She is insightful and intuitive as to what your team really needs. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her years in the hospitality industry. She is my go-to when I am struggling with an employee challenge and has coached my entire team on sales techniques for our business. She takes into consideration both her expertise and our company's values in her coaching sessions."


Kim Balsama, Bennington Properties

"I have worked with Ali indirectly over the past several years. Ali has a distinct leadership voice in the hospitality industry nationwide that sets her consulting services apart. She is a talented coach, who draws from her years of hospitality experience to cultivate trust and build high-performing customer service and sales teams. I worked for a company after Ali had trained and coached our customer service team. She managed to diffuse tension, build trust and get the team working toward their goals that lead to increased sales and retained earnings within a quarter. She taught the team how to communicate, especially when tension and competitiveness were at their peak. I’ve also attended a couple of presentations at national hospitality conferences in which Ali connected immediately with the audience, was flexible to meet the audience’s needs and delivered inspirational messaging that was practical and achievable. I look forward to working with Ali in the future."

Deborah Allen, Leadership Coach at Talk Steady

"Ali's patience as a coach and a trainer for my role as a reservation sales specialist has allowed me to reach my own personal goals. Her perseverance to see me succeed is an unbelievable attribute that is hard to find. She finds new ways to approach sales techniques so that it is tailored to my sales style. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented coach!"


Cari Boland, Mount Hood Vacation Rentals

“Ali is a very gifted coach. She has helped me a lot overcome some obstacles, always being positive and supportive along the way. In turn, I have excelled in my job, with the confidence and insight she has taught me.”


Collette Vale, Bennington Properties

"After working one-on-one with Customer Service and Sales Coach, Ali Cammelletti of Spark Your Mindset over the last six months, I am delighted to recommend her services to everyone. I first met Ali at a Vacation Rental Managers Association seminar where she spoke on dealing with difficult customers. There was something in her sensitive approach that compelled me to introduce myself and later engage her services during a period of intense growth and change in our company. Ali helped me better my communication skills with staff through empathy and encouragement, become more aware of and set better boundaries all around, and she taught me how to handle stress in a healthy way. She is warm, empathetic, and understands the travel industry!"


Lauri Clark, Captain Cook Resorts

"Such an inspiration! Aside from having years of experience in customer service and hospitality, Ali has a passion for people and what motivates them. She takes the time to listen and her coaching methods are genuine - not ‘cookie cutter.’ They are tailored to meet the needs of your people, your business and your company culture. What I find most impressive is her ability to easily relate to a diverse group of people. She inspires you and your team members to be great leaders - not only in a professional capacity, but in your everyday actions."


Jessica Standley, Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Company

"Spark Your Mindset provided our team with great tips and insight, helping us navigate through an ever-changing time with less stress and enabled a stronger team bond to take the Captain Cook Resorts team to a higher level."


Yoh Kuwano, Owner of Captain Cook Resorts

“Thanks to Ali Cammelletti recommending that I look at my schedule and give myself space because of the importance of my mental well-being, I have played more golf in 2021 than I have in 5 years. The best thing I have done in 2021!”


Tim Cafferty, President of Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

"Ali Cammelletti is a professional with great attention to detail. She is a great communicator and has an ability to guide and direct her clients, keeping the goal of the event or project in mind. She is intuitive and insightful and a pleasure to work with."


Heidi Berkman, Event Coordinator at Brian Henninger Foundation

"I can't say enough about Ali Cammelletti. The service and support that she offers is second to none. She is reliable, creative, detailed, and personable. The quality that NAVIS offers is outstanding, and Ali has a special way of communicating value and options, without judgment. When I was in need, Ali was always my first call. She truly cares about the success of her clients, and I owe much of my success to her. It is a pleasure to recommend Ali - as she can only enhance what is already in place!"


Colleen Almoney, Director of Guest Services at Seaside Vacations

"Ali is an amazing person, very creative, detail-oriented, a problem solver, and extremely knowledgeable. Her level of customer service is not learned, it is an instinctual part of who she is. Ali has a natural ability to deal with difficult situations and get positive results. She is the best!"


Dina Barker, President of Brilliance in Branding