Ali Cammelletti coaching a woman

Coach the Coach

One on one coaching focused on sharing leadership coaching skills for the manager who is strong in other work areas, yet struggles with confidence in sales coaching and developing their team members.

Tigers Leadership Coaching

A focused leadership coaching approach digging into TIGERS (Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk and Success). The inventory assessments for each area and worksheets allow for self-reflection and coaching targeted on growing opportunity areas.

Ali Cammelletti speaking at a coaching event
Ali Cammelletti speaking at a coaching event

Team Building

Presentations and group facilitation introducing DISC, CliftonStrengths, TIGERS Team Wheel, Change and more with the goal for building strong and more resilient teams.

Team Interactive Webcasts

According to a recent survey from Bamboo HR, 76% of new employees agree that in order to get up to speed and start being a contributing employee they need on-the job training. Thirty-seven percent requested a mentor, to keep them at a company longer.

Customer Service Scoring and Coaching

Building relationships starts with the first interaction and is carried through all interactions in companies. This can cover all departments in a company where there is client focused interactions. Coaching is done with recording calls, emails, and texting.

Guest Speaking

I have presented throughout the U.S., featuring a variety of leadership, sales, and customer service topics. Whether it is conferences, annual meetings, associations, or company education, presentations can be customized to the client’s needs and what they feel the audience is craving at the time.

“If you are looking for an inspiring, open-minded, kind-hearted, thoughtful coach for your team, Ali is your girl. She is insightful and intuitive as to what your team really needs. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her years in the hospitality industry. She is my go-to when I am struggling with an employee challenge and has coached my entire team on sales techniques for our business. She takes into consideration both her expertise and our company’s values in her coaching sessions.”


Kim Balsama, Bennington Properties
“Ali’s patience as a coach and a trainer for my role as a reservation sales specialist has allowed me to reach my own personal goals. Her perseverance to see me succeed is an unbelievable attribute that is hard to find. She finds new ways to approach sales techniques so that it is tailored to my sales style. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented coach!”


Cari Boland, Mount Hood Vacation Rentals
“Ali is a very gifted coach. She has helped me a lot overcome some obstacles, always being positive and supportive along the way. In turn, I have excelled in my job, with the confidence and insight she has taught me.”


Collette Vale, Bennington Properties
“After working one-on-one with Customer Service and Sales Coach, Ali Cammelletti of Cammelletti Consulting over the last six months, I am delighted to recommend her services to everyone. I first met Ali at a Vacation Rental Managers Association seminar where she spoke on dealing with difficult customers. There was something in her sensitive approach that compelled me to introduce myself and later engage her services during a period of intense growth and change in our company. Ali helped me better my communication skills with staff through empathy and encouragement, become more aware of and set better boundaries all around, and she taught me how to handle stress in a healthy way. She is warm, empathetic, and understands the travel industry!”


Lauri Clark, Captain Cook Resorts
“Such an inspiration! Aside from having years of experience in customer service and hospitality, Ali has a passion for people and what motivates them. She takes the time to listen and her coaching methods are genuine – not ‘cookie cutter.’ They are tailored to meet the needs of your people, your business and your company culture. What I find most impressive is her ability to easily relate to a diverse group of people. She inspires you and your team members to be great leaders – not only in a professional capacity, but in your everyday actions.”


Jessica Standley, Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Company