Kindness with Justin Freeman

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, considerate, and helpful. It is not for the benefit of self. It is altruistic.

“How can I help others around me succeed? Having one hand up learning from someone else to succeed and one hand down grabbing whoever is next behind us.” Justin Freeman

Justin Freeman owns and operates Bagel Sphere and Oregon Copacking in the Eugene/Springfield metro area, as well as consults with businesses on strategy and “getting unstuck.” He also serves on the board of Oregon Tilth and Supervisory Committee of Oregon Community Credit Union. His professional education background is in information technology, bioinformatics & biological research, and business, and enjoys using aspects of each in his daily work.

In this podcast Justin talks about kindness in association with the choose kindness foundation.

Favorite snack caprese salad bites.

Music – “Homesick”; Copyright 2018. Written by Shireen Amini. Produced by Shireen Amini and Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recording (Boston, MA)

Snack Leadership with Ali Cammelletti

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​Do you want to know how to build trust or if your organization is having trust issues? Are you leading everyone the same way and don't understand why it isn't working or how to lead differently? Have you struggled with truly connecting with others because leaning into empathy and compassion feels awkward? The Snack Leadership Podcast is your quick resource and support that you can listen to on the way to work or on a short walk when you are processing how to navigate a situation. Invest in your leadership growth now by subscribing.