Authenticity with Matt Landau

Authenticity is the quality of being real or true.

“But it isn’t magic, and it isn’t born. It happens because some critical things line up so that a person of good intelligence can put in the sustained, focused effort it takes to achieve extraordinary mastery.” Thomas Oppong

Matt Landau, is the Founder of Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (VRMB) and VRMB Communities, the largest private forum for independent vacation rental managers online offering education and collaboration. He is also known for the Vacation Rental Show and most recently has released a docuseries called Homerunners focused on the Vacation Rental Management Industry.

Favorite snack are olives.

VRMB by Vacation Rental Leader Matt Landau

Music-“Homesick” Copyright 2018. Written by Shireen Amini. Produced by Shireen Amini and Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recording (Boston, MA)

Snack Leadership with Ali Cammelletti

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