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You and your life’s work are equally important. Whether you are gearing up for a new role, yearning to integrate your personal and professional lives, or leading culture change at work, doing your best work isn’t easy. You deserve individualized support as you break new ground.

I support individuals and teams traverse challenging terrain by embracing authenticity and strengthening resiliency.  I share my full suite of skills and extensive experience to help them see where they are growing, where they are stuck, and how to get past it.


69% of employees are leaving because of poor leadership – HBR

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Keynote Speaking

Receive a keynote speaker that actively engages your audience or employees, leaving them with a transformative message and the energy and motivation to reach their fullest and greatest potential,

Leadership Coaching

One on one coaching focused on sharing leadership coaching skills for the manager who is strong in other work areas, yet struggles with confidence in sales coaching and developing their team members

Team Building

Have you ever felt like your team is falling apart because new members have come in and there isn’t the same cohesiveness as before? My practice can help everyone find ways to connect and work well together.

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Ali Cammelletti

I bring over 30 years’ of experience in the Hospitality Industry. Serving in many capacities within the industry, from a front-line restaurant and lodging employee to building and owning a successful event planning business and now as a leadership and sales consultant.

Through individualized coaching and customized workshops, I help you increase your capacity to focus and enact positive change. I dedicate space for you to focus your intention and explore new perspectives, so you can shift you attention away from what’s not working and make new choices that serve your bigger vision.

TIGERS® stands for Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and Success—the six principles at the heart of high-performance group behavior.

Instilling these behavior standards provide a unified baseline for supporting real change across your organization, igniting your own company vision, mission, and values.

As a TIGERS® Consultant, I help companies clearly identify their problem areas, implement effective solutions, and actually measure the outcomes.

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“We hired Ali last year to work with two members of our team that we had recently promoted to positions that they had never been in before. Both had challenges that Ali was able to help them work through and become more confident in themselves as leaders. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has someone on their team that needs a little extra push or a bit of confidence building. The difference in these two and their leadership qualities has multiplied well beyond what we ever thought. Their teams respect them as leaders and trust the direction they're taking them in. This was all because of Ali's coaching and guidance. We will definitely work with her again and have her to follow up with our team.”

Brian Olson
Beachcomber Vacation Homes

Audrey Miller
Founding President
Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine

Ali is amazing to work with, so knowledgeable, kind, supportive and we accomplished so much together. We worked on team building, leadership, communication… I started with an idea, after the time together, I know have a plan!

Dana Moraru

Amazing experience working with Ali on The TIGERS Success Series. Thank you!! This is for everyone who wants to be successful in all aspects of your life. If you're not learning and asking questions from your team you are missing out on valuable information for the success of your business. Invest in yourself and your business this year! Ali makes it worth your time and efforts.

Karol Braz
Guest Relations Specialist
Atlantic Vacation Homes

"Ali is an amazing person, very creative, detail-oriented, a problem solver, and extremely knowledgeable. Her level of customer service is not learned, it is an instinctual part of who she is. Ali has a natural ability to deal with difficult situations and get positive results. She is the best!"

Dina Barker
Brilliance in Branding

"I can't say enough about Ali Cammelletti. The service and support that she offers is second to none. She is reliable, creative, detailed, and personable. The quality that NAVIS offers is outstanding, and Ali has a special way of communicating value and options, without judgment. When I was in need, Ali was always my first call. She truly cares about the success of her clients, and I owe much of my success to her. It is a pleasure to recommend Ali - as she can only enhance what is already in place!"

Colleen Almoney
Director of Guest Services
Seaside Vacations

"Ali Cammelletti is a professional with great attention to detail. She is a great communicator and has an ability to guide and direct her clients, keeping the goal of the event or project in mind. She is intuitive and insightful and a pleasure to work with."

Heidi Berkman
Event Coordinator
Brian Henninger Foundation

“Thanks to Ali Cammelletti recommending that I look at my schedule and give myself space because of the importance of my mental well-being, I have played more golf in 2021 than I have in 5 years. The best thing I have done in 2021!”

Tim Cafferty
Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

"Such an inspiration! Aside from having years of experience in customer service and hospitality, Ali has a passion for people and what motivates them. She takes the time to listen and her coaching methods are genuine - not ‘cookie cutter.’ They are tailored to meet the needs of your people, your business and your company culture. What I find most impressive is her ability to easily relate to a diverse group of people. She inspires you and your team members to be great leaders - not only in a professional capacity, but in your everyday actions."

Jessica Standley
Director of Human Resources/Administration
Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Company

"After working one-on-one with Customer Service and Sales Coach, Ali Cammelletti of Spark Your Mindset over the last six months, I am delighted to recommend her services to everyone. I first met Ali at a Vacation Rental Managers Association seminar where she spoke on dealing with difficult customers. There was something in her sensitive approach that compelled me to introduce myself and later engage her services during a period of intense growth and change in our company. Ali helped me better my communication skills with staff through empathy and encouragement, become more aware of and set better boundaries all around, and she taught me how to handle stress in a healthy way. She is warm, empathetic, and understands the travel industry!"

Lauri Clark
Events Planner
Captain Cook Resorts

Snack Leadership is a podcast offering bite size pieces of leadership skills or techniques with the goal ​of inspiring and being a resource for leaders during their leadership journey.