Coach the Coach

Ali coaching a woman in a one-on-one session

Managers sometimes come into a new industry or have a new role with coaching their employees. Coaching on soft skills is very different from training hard skills. Soft skills include more communication techniques, whereas training is more point and click education. Soft skills take time, focus, and patience with digging in and looking at different techniques to identify any root obstacles with each individual. We start with an outline of the skills to coach on, as well as resources for the team members to support them during the coaching process, and then we go into accessing the data obtained for individuals and what each of us hear or see in the communication techniques. This will help the manager communicate with their team members and in turn learn how to coach their team members on soft skills.

Services are outlined the following way:

  • Meet with manager via webcam for 45 minutes twice a month
  • Send additional articles or videos relating to focus area once a month
  • Review in coaching sessions challenging situations or conversations
  • Discuss scored calls and how to create change when coaching employees
  • Supply a summary of the coaching session following each manager coaching session
  • Provide a call scoring template on sales service points as well as a manual tracking system for scoring and coaching including goals and keep, stop, start coaching outline
  • Review Key Performance Indicators or company Dashboards to dig into data and trends

Coaching agendas are sent a week prior to the coaching session and include an article or video complementing the manager’s leadership/coaching goals. The idea is to have the article or video takeaways sent to the coach in between sessions to keep the manager’s goals at the forefront of their thoughts. During the coaching sessions the takeaways will be discussed along with challenging situations that the manager has been experiencing and talking through those experiences to give additional guidance and create insight for the manager. Employees’ scoring results will be reviewed and discussed along with their progress and company data points to have a focused vision of the goals.

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

— John Maxwell